Research Group

I am leading the real-time embedded software (RTEMSOFT) research group at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).

Embedded real-time systems often consist of smaller modules, which interact with each other. Such a structure makes embedded systems scalable because of the component-oriented design. This approach provides a means for composing multiple components of a system, enabling the reduction of a complex design problem into multiple simpler design problems. Embedded system complexity is increasing due to the increase in software growth.


Research Group Members:

Mellitus Ezeme (PhD student), started Fall 2016

Nayreet Islam (MASc student), started Winter 2017

Md. Maruf (MASc student), started Fall 2017

Darren Saguil (Masters student), started Fall 2017

Mustafizur Rahman (Research Associate), started Fall 2017

Suzanne Elashri (MASc student), started Winter 2018

(Past members)
Aaron Peters (Undergraduate), 2017
Patrick Smuk (Undergraduate), 2017
Daniel Moy (Undergraduate), 2017
Nicholas Holman (Undergraduate), 2017
Dylan Kauling (Undergraduate), 2017
Andrew Lau (Undergraduate), 2017
Yasha Prikhodko (Undergraduate), 2017
Christopher Blachnio (Undergraduate), 2017
Marcelo Esperguel (Visiting Scholar), 2017
Sharar Mahmood (Visiting Student), 2017
Kaneez Fizza (Visiting Scholar), 2018
Achal Parikh (Undergraduate), 2018
Sagar Desai (Undergraduate), 2018
Asmy Sarasan (Undergraduate), 2018
​Alec DeSouza (Undergraduate), 2018
Anujan Mathialagan (Undergraduate), 2018
Elisha Ratnarajah (Undergraduate), 2018
Pranav Yadav (Undergraduate), 2018
Shahrukh Zarir (Undergraduate), 2018
Tsering Paljor (Undergraduate), 2018

 Zhihan He (Undergraduate), 2018
Announcement for Prospective Students
Ph.D. and Master’s Positions

Please email me your resume and transcripts in pdf with your email.

Undergraduate Student Positions

Open positions may be available for students who are interested in conducting research with me through:

  • MITACS Gloablink
  • Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA)
  • Capstone Projects